Types of Masonry Retaining Walls

The masonry process consists of using single stones, bricks, granites, marbles, and concrete blocks to construct structures. It also uses lime, cement, and soil as binding materials. The mixture is then cured and used to construct buildings. The use of these materials varies across the world. However, the most popular masonry techniques are still those […]

Planning & Designing House Additions

Before you begin designing your new house addition, you will need to consider its size and the surroundings. You should carefully examine the orientation of trees, outbuildings, and the view from the building site. It is also important to keep in mind prevailing breezes and power lines. Check the property for obstacles, such as underground […]

Experience the Art of Construction

A construction company isn’t just a single entity and doesn’t perform one function; rather they aremultistage multitasking organizations composed of an extensive network of subcontractors that eachperform a specific function to build projects. These businesses are most commonly broken down intofour main construction industry sectors: building construction, infrastructure construction, commercialconstruction, and metal building construction. Each […]