Double-Hung windows have a top sash that can be lowered and a bottom sash that can be raised.

Single-Hung windows have a fixed top sash and a bottom sash that can be raised.

Sliding Windows have one fixed sash and another sash that slides side to side.

Casement Windows hinge at the side and open out from the other side.

Awning Windows hinge at the top and open out from the bottom.

BAY STYLE, A combination of windows that extend outward and typically include a fixed window in the center joined together with venting windows on each side.

BOW STYLE, A combination of four or more windows joined together and extending outward to form a graceful curve.

CUSTOM, Unique custom windows designed and built just for you.

Special Shape windows include angled, rectangular or curved shapes that do not vent.

Specialty windows offer unique beauty and operational styles.


We only work with tried -and- true Siding materials and Siding woods. Our work includes but is not limited to complete home siding & decking projects to art pieces that showcase inside and outside of homes. With 18 years of experience in the residential and commercial building industries. Our philosophy is simple: superior craftsmanship and superior customer service. By using only top-quality materials and cultivating lasting professional relationships,New Image Construction Inc, and his team continues to deliver on projects that embody form and function.