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A Bay Area General Contractor: Here For All Your Construction Needs

New Image Construction Inc. is proud to be a leading Novato general contractor. We offer the services that our clients need the most and deliver the quality results every property owner deserves.


Siding Installer

As a widely recognized general contractor, one of the services we provide for local homeowners is siding installation. We're a preferred siding installer because we take the time necessary to do the job right, far exceeding client expectations. The materials are high-quality so that our work survives the tests of time. The right siding will vastly improve the appearance of your home, enhancing the curb appeal and increasing the property value. We'll help ensure that you understand your options and make the choice that best suits your home. Don't settle for less than the best when it comes to the work that goes into improving your home.


Plumbing & Electrical

While New Image Construction Inc may be well known for artificial grass for Novato area homes, we have a full menu of essential services available. Our plumbing and electrical work are some of the best around. If you want to renovate or improve your home, the plumbing and electrical is necessary for updates and upgrades. We're eager to help you get the service you need to transform your current house into the home of your dreams.


Painting Contractor

Another reason we're a handy resource to have is we offer painting contractor services. Our house painting will make your home look brand new, and our interior painting will help you create the design aesthetic that you dreamed of. Painting does more for your home than you realize, and we're here to help you see that. We'll even make sure you choose the ideal paint colors to pair perfectly with your home.


Room Additions

What a deck builder can do by adding an outdoor living space for your home; a general contractor can do by adding to the rooms inside your home. Our room additions enable you to improve instead of move, getting the extra space you and your family need. Whether it's an addition for the in-laws or a bigger bathroom, there's no wrong way to improve your home with a room addition. Let us show you the options you have so you make the best choice possible for the added space.


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

One of the most common reasons homeowners hire a remodeling contractor is to change the kitchen, bathroom, or both. Our kitchen and bath remodeling will do wonders for the functionality and beauty of your home. When you're ready for the best local general contractor in Novato, give New Image Construction Inc. a call. We're eager to transform your kitchen, bath, or any other part of your home into something you'll feel good about.


Custom Installation & Design

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