Drainage Systems

When you have any open spaces on your property, you like to ensure they are well designed and that all the elements are installed well. The landscape needs various features to make it complete, and the drainage system is one of them. This feature isn’t visible to the eye and most people forget to ensure its planned well and installed expertly.

It’s why many people find that there is water pooling on their property and lawn areas. The one way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the drainage systems on your property are all planned and installed well.

We at New Image Construction Inc, are expert at  landscaping  and handle this job with a great deal of expertise. We have built a very solid customer base in and around Marin – Sonoma Napa & Surrounding Counties ,  Our company also has a number of customers across San Francisco And Greater Bay Area, When we install drainage systems, we take great care to ensure that the drains are installed well. We take the size and contour of the land into account and also understand how various features are going to be installed in the landscaping. We are a company that handles every drainage system to ensure that the best quality materials and workmanship are used on the project.

Types of Drains We Offer

The drainage installation is part of the first phase of the landscaping project and it’s crucial that it be carried out well. This means taking a broader view of the landscape, understanding what type of plants and trees are being installed and what their placement will be. The different types of drains we use in our work are:

  • Area Drains – These are very simple drains and will be connected directly to a wider network of underground drains and are perfect for any low lying areas. These can be installed in areas where heavy downpours are a norm and there are higher chances of flooding.
  • Channel Drains – We install these drains to handle patio & lawn run. In fact, they can also be used for sidewalk drainage and they direct the rain and excess water from the landscaping away from your property.
  • French Drains – If you have any raised planters on your landscaping, you would need good drainage to ensure the water is directed away from your property. French drains are wrapped in landscaping fabric and is then covered with stones and rocks. This prevents the drains from getting clogged with roots.

Drainage design and installation is a specialized job and we are the experts that know exactly how to provide customized solutions. We ensure that the drainage cost we quote fits in perfectly with your requirement and budget.