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Draining & Landscape Drainage Plans To Properly Plan For Your Bay Area Yard Space


When you need a reliable local resource in Novato for planning draining for your property or landscaping, count on New Image Construction Inc. As the preferred local resource for artificial lawns, it makes sense that we know a bit about proper drainage. Unfortunately, it's all too common for homeowners to have improper drainage for their property and not even realize it until the damage is done. Incorrect sloping and other issues with draining can lead to severe issues with your landscaping, concrete patios, or even your home's foundation. Your home and property are your biggest investments, and you should do whatever it takes to protect them from damage. Whether you have irrigation, a sprinkler system, or are relying on natural rainfall, water has to go somewhere, and if you're not careful, it could be running straight towards your home to cause damage. For better planning and care concerning your drainage, get in touch with our team today.

Landscape Drainage

One of the first things that should be done before installing artificial grass for Novato homes is checking the drainage. In fact, any type of landscape drainage is necessary to prevent issues with the land and your home. Improper draining can wreak havoc on your property. Well-planned landscape drainage helps with:

  • Preventing erosion - Redirecting rainwater helps stop the occurrence of washing away topsoil and causing erosion.
  • Stops puddling and standing water - Without any type of draining in place, your yard is highly susceptible to pooling water.
  • Keep plants from drowning - Plants need water, but too much water can kill your plants.
  • Protect your foundation - Your gutter system is set up to use the downspout to carry water from the roof away from your foundation, so don't let improper drainage still lead to problems.

Keep your yard and landscaping happy while protecting your home from imminent water damage danger.

Help From Local Pros

The New Image Construction Inc. team is here to help you make essential choices about your backyard. As the preferred local outdoor living specialist, we know how to improve your property right down to the drainage. Poor drainage isn't just messy and inconvenient; it can be downright damaging to your home and cause expensive problems. To get serious about protecting your Novato area home with professional draining, call us now. We want to take care of services like installing artificial turf, but that can't happen until we plan for drainage.


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