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First-Class Artificial Grass Company in San Francisco

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New Image Construction Inc. is the top choice for artificial grass for San Francisco area homes. Our crew is committed to service excellence, and that's how we've earned our flawless reputation. Why choose any other company when our work quality is unparalleled? Our goal is to motivate homeowners to get proactive about remodeling their backyards. Gone are the days when the best times with family and friends were spent indoors. Go beyond the confines of your four interior walls and make memories in your custom outdoor living space. We're eager to work with you to make changes and enhancements to your San Francisco home, especially the yard. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.

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Taking Your Home In San Francisco To The Next Level With Artificial Grass

What's missing from your San Francisco home? Sure, it's pretty, but are you maximizing the potential curb appeal you could have? A common mistake homeowners make is attempting to establish and maintain a healthy green lawn. In a perfect world, natural grass would grow in great abundance without the need to waste water or use harsh chemicals. Until that's possible, artificial grass is the next best thing and the smart alternative solution. Our work with artificial lawns is second to none, and you'll never have to worry about all the work required to keep your grass looking healthy, vibrant, and green. Artificial turf for your residential home is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy advantages like:

  • Beautiful lawn throughout the year
  • Eliminate the need for fertilizers
  • Stop wasting money or time trimming and mowing
  • Eliminates brown or bare spots
  • Ideal for high-traffic or recreational areas

And how great would it be to never have to lose an article of clothing to grass stains?

Outdoor Living Areas To Improve Your Backyard In San Francisco

How much time do you spend outdoors with your family? We don't mean camping, hunting, or fishing, just sitting in your own backyard by a fire under the stars grilling some BBQ? At New Image Construction Inc., our mission is to get people using their outdoor space since it's otherwise wasted real estate you're paying for. Put that land to use by letting us upgrade your yard with options like:

  • Fire Pits
  • Pool Decks
  • Arbors
  • BBQ Islands
  • Pergolas
  • Landscape Lighting

Call us now in San Francisco to talk about improvements for your property, like artificial grass and outdoor living area enhancements.

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