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At New Image Construction Inc., we're focused on being the outdoor living specialist you can count on in Novato, which puts us in the lead for options for a local deck builder. We put all the features and finishing details into creating your perfect outdoor living space, like decks down to the concrete sidewalks. If you want to remodel and improve your backyard, we're the team to trust. What kind of deck do you want? Some homeowners want a basic and straightforward deck for grilling and chilling. Other families want a complex, multi-level feature that's perfect for entertaining. Whatever you can dream up, we can build. You can count on us for the best possible options and services from a local deck builder. We look forward to partnering with you and making your backyard vision a reality.

New Deck Installation

If your deck is your outdoor living room, the carpet is artificial grass for Novato properties. As families started staying home more during the pandemic, the need for expansion beyond the interior walls became a must. Why stay stuck inside when you can better enjoy the world around you with an outdoor living space? It just makes sense to take advantage of the real estate right outside your backdoor and make the best use possible of your own property. As the top choice for a local deck builder, some essential tips for making good decisions include:

  • Create what feels like a comfortable outdoor living room
  • Go big if the space allows for it
  • Plan around traffic flow from the indoors to the cooking area or pool
  • Shape and size are everything for the right deck
  • Design for your lifestyle

The better designed the deck, the more likely you and your family are to use it frequently. If you're going to add a new deck installation, make it count.

Getting Help From The Pros Who Care

For the best local service, contact New Image Construction Inc. We're committed to service excellence, and that includes providing superior customer care. Just adding a deck isn't enough; you have to be confident you're making choices that will help you enjoy it for years to come. Poor planning, bad layout, and inferior materials are a surefire way to end up not using the deck long-term. Give us a call today and find out more about why we're the best choice for a deck builder in Novato.


Custom Installation & Design

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