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Grading To Prepare Your Bay Area Yard For Development


New Image Construction Inc. is a leader in artificial grass for Novato homes, and this has to include professional grading services. An essential aspect of installing artificial turf or creating the yard of your dreams is to make sure you have proper drainage. Without professional planning and implementation for draining, you could run into some serious problems. Some yards are more level than others, but either way, once you start changing the layout with landscaping or synthetic turf installation, there's a risk of altering the natural drainage system and causing problems. Our job is to correct existing issues and prevent or plan for what could arise during yard modifications. You can count on us to deliver the high-quality grading service you deserve. We'll go out of our way to ensure your total satisfaction and to keep your yard and home protected from drainage issues that can occur.

Landscape Site Grading

As with any project, planning is vital. When you're remodeling your Novato home's interior, a great deal of planning goes into making sure everything you want is included, and the layout makes sense. The same applies to altering the outside of your home. Landscape site grading is essential for creating a yard that looks good, is cohesive, and doesn't wreak havoc on your home - especially the foundation. One seemingly minor misstep could cause water to flow towards your home instead of away from it, putting the structural integrity of your home in jeopardy. Some of the benefits of professional grading for landscaping are:

  • Avoid water drainage problems or related damages
  • Better use of the entire yard - or at least more of it than currently possible
  • Easier landscape and hardscape construction now and in the future
  • Healthier grass, plants, or landscaping
  • Better success with sod or artificial grass installation

Getting The Expert Help You Deserve

At New Image Construction Inc., we're dedicated to service excellence, and it shows in the results we get for our customers. Some of our re-grading is easier, and some are complex. Either way, we promise the outcome will help you create the yard you want for your dream home without concern for drainage issues. Give us a call today to start planning for grading your Novato property. We're eager to help you with your landscaping project. Let's maximize your curb appeal, personal enjoyment, and property value with yard remodeling.


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