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Concrete Sidewalk Contractor Serving The Bay Area


The professional crew at New Image Construction Inc. wants to be your concrete sidewalk contractor of choice, helping you build the backyard of your dreams. We want to help you transform your Novato property into the ideal outdoor living space. As the preferred outdoor living specialist in the area, we take care of everything from patios and pool decks to driveway paving. Even the pathway around your property makes a world of difference in how it looks and feels. We'll create safe walkways that connect vital elements of your property. Or, if your sidewalk is for the perimeter of your property, we'll make sure it's user-friendly for the general public to use. One thing is for sure, if you need a concrete sidewalk contractor, you can count on us. We'll go above and beyond to ensure that you get the ideal service you've always wanted. Let's work together to create the perfect outdoor living environment for you and your family.

Paved Concrete Pathways & Walkways

We're here to help you with every detail of your backyard renovation, from the walkways and patios to the artificial grass for Novato homes that really add the finishing details. We're the top choice in the area for a concrete sidewalk contractor because we care about the work and our clients. Your total satisfaction is our primary concern. Some of the best reasons for a concrete footpath on your property:

  • Affordable and cost-effective option
  • Create any size walkway
  • Customizable to your preferences
  • Durable for high-traffic areas
  • Style versatility - not just grey!

Any feature you add to your property you want to look good and be long-lasting. When you opt for concrete for the construction, you're practically guaranteed to get maximum longevity. You'll also appreciate the fact that concrete is low-maintenance. All it needs is the occasional sweeping, hosing off, and pressure washing once a year to help it look its best.

We're Here To Help

At New Image Construction Inc., we want to prove to you why we're the best choice for concrete work and other outdoor enhancements. We're dedicated to perfection, and that's how we've earned our impeccable reputation. What can we do for your property today? Let's add the details you need that will help you improve your outdoor living space and backyard. Call us today to discuss what you need from an expert concrete sidewalk contractor to enhance your Novato home.


Custom Installation & Design

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